cliff /klif/ noun

  1. A high steep face of a rock.

  2. A thirty something photographer from Washington, D.C.

clifflike /klif•lahyk/ adjective

  1. Characterized by steep cliffs or precipices.

  2. Of or resembluming photos taken by a Cliff

The photographer's dilemma:

do you photograph the world as an independent observer, or do you join the world and thereby let the world become part of you?

That's the razor's edge.

Every photograph has its own story - not just the picture but also behind it.


Today photography is more complex and a contradictory mixture of variables.

Computers are becoming more and more prevalent and accepted in art, photographers and retouchers manipulate or enhance images to create realistic ideas that blur the line between fantasy and reality for consumers.

While photography spent its first hundred years slowly perfecting its mechanics, its lenses, cameras, film emulsions and lighting, the speed and breadth of its evolution have accelerated exponentially with the advent of the digital era.

To capture a subject’s soul with a camera is an extraordinary challenge, especially in front of something as cold and mechanical as that camera. I often have to inject much of my own soul to bring out the soul of the person in front of the camera.

I like to take pictures and share them with my friends. But taking photos requires a certain arrogance to see and to choose. It is done very quietly with a flash of the mind, and with a machine. Photography is editing, editing after the taking.

Aborigines used to avoid photographers because they thought the photographer would steal their soul.

i believe the opposite is true. Each picture provides us a window into the photographer's soul as well as those that are photographed.





US Marine recruit Jason Tharp — february 8, 2005

US army spc. Luke P. Frist — January 5, 2004

Sister Dorothy Stang — February 12, 2005

US army Pfc. Dillon M. Jutras, 20 — October 28, 2005

Gagan Reddy, 10 — March 28, 2007

US Air Force Capt. Dale E. Noyd, 73 — January 11, 2007



Marguerite Tia Meister — March 2004